February 20 – April 15, 2004

R.CRUMB, opening at VAN HORN, Dusseldorf, February 20- April 15, 2004, Photo(c)VAN HORN/Daniela SteinfeldCHRISTOPH DETTMEIER, Die Stunde des Cowboys, March 26, 2004, CountryKaraokeShow at VAN HORN, Dusseldorf,<br>Photo(c)VAN HORN/Daniela Steinfeld

Thematic related film-screenings plus talks

Crumb, USA 1994
Awarded documentary about the life and oeuvre of Robert Crumb, Director: Terry Zwigoff, 119 min.

Ghost World, USA 2001
Movie, Director: Terry Zwigoff, with Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi, with drawings by Sophie Crumb

The Confessions of Robert Crumb, GB 1987
BBC documentary about Robert Crumb, 55 min., Book: Robert Crumb

American Splendor, USA 2003
Awarded movie about the life of Harvey Pekars, a close friend and Underground-Comix colleague of Robert Crumb

Christoph Dettmeier – Künstler / artist – Die Stunde des Cowboys (Hour of the Cowboy)
CountryKaraokeShow, 26. März 2004

The exhibition was accompanied by private film-screenings of Robert Crumb documentaries and movies with related themes. Also the live performance “Hour of the Cowboy” by the artist Christoph Dettmeier was staged. He sang some of his favourite Country-and Blues songs to us and told us stories of the West. These events took place every Sunday evening, during the time the exhibition was to be seen. Please see below some pictures of the opening and the other happenings.

Ackknowledgements and thanks to:
Jan Albers; Robert Crumb; Paul Morris + Rebecca Shulman; Kees Kousemaker + Lambiek; Marcus Herse; Markus Karstiess; Sascha Hahn; Kathleen Rahn; Elke Nebel; Maria Anna Tappeiner; Andreas Korte; Michael Trier; Noemi Smolik; Wolfgang Heinen – Heinendruck and Kulturamt Duesseldorf