October 8 - December 10, 2004

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The third exhibition at Van Horn was the american artist Nicole Eisenman with her first solo-show in Germany. Nicole Eisenmans work is exploring the variety of visual reference, touching on surrealism, pointillism or WPA murals, to name but a few. Orgiastic crowds, Dionysian sacrifices, Minotaur hunts and romps through art history and pop culture have made appearances in her work. In allegorical form, Eisenman explores the balance between creativity and commerce, success and obscurity and the mechanics of inspiration. Her work is energetic and very unique, she travels an absolutely individual trail. At Van Horn four large drawings were shown, which she made especially for the exhibition in Dusseldorf. Her weird and surprising new works loosely tell a story of mankind‘s evolution from innocence to experience and ruining the world in the process.

All drawings are watercolor and pencil on paper, sizes vary from appr. 130x140 to 145x145 cm.

Parallell to the exhibition again further events were taking place, several artists held talks and developed special works.

For information on available works please contact VAN HORN.

 events during the exhibition