March 6 - April 30, 2009

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We are delighted to present Georganne Deen in her second solo-exhibition at VAN HORN.
Georganne Deen shows new, strangely beautiful, cryptical and eerie paintings.

Also in these new pieces Deen adresses, in her own indirect and highly headstrong way, Americas evolution and actual condition.
This regards Deen's personal history as well as political, spiritual, amouros, cultural and medicinal stories. The complexity of Deen's paintings is fascinating, they are visually rich and one has to look intently to discover this wealth.Their strength lies in withdrawing from purely intellectual interpretation and unfolding their full allurement through simple stopping and looking.

Deen's work is rooted in american underground-, music-, and comic-culture and in her dealing with the personal story of her life, as it is shared by many people of her generation: growing up in the suburbs of the american west in the 50ties and 60ties. In her paintings she finds allegories for this common past. She invents utterly beautiful, bad, poetic and mean images for the
"devils and gods" of the USA. As all allegories, also Deens are subject to an iconographic system, as in each individual series again and again specific symbols emerge, which become more distinct with each picture. Her paintings assume the form of a somehow old-fashioned, anti-naturalistic genre, which she uses especially because the allegoric form is so effective in telling stories containing images, symbols and texts.

Georganne Deen *1951, Texas, lives and works reclusively in Los Angeles. Her works were exhibited a.o. in 2008 in Villa Merkel, Esslingen, Germany; Kunstmuseum Luzern/Collection Ringier, Switzerland and Amy Smith-Stewart, New York. Her works are represented in outstanding international collections