Anys Reimann, LE NOIRE DE..LXXXII, 3/2024
Paper & paint collage, 70 x 50 cm, framed
unique, signed on sheet
Photo J. Bendzulla

Inv.No.: REI_167_VH

€ 4.000 incl. VAT, net price on request
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The group of works „LE NOIRE DE…“ was for years the basis of Anys Reimann’s artistic practice. For now it
will be discontinued. This work belongs to the last few available.
The title of the group of works plays with the masculine „Le“ and the feminine „Noire“ – including all
genders, potentials and possibilities.
„LE NOIRE DE…“ is a bow at westafrican author and director Ousmane Sembène and his film „La Noire de“ from 1966, his main actress Mbissine Thérèse Diop, as well as her film character Diouana. A homage tp
the modern Diouana, for all the women she could be today, and the ones that are.