Jan Albers, sprinGfield, 2022, spray paint, polymer plaster on polystyrene &
non-wood, acrylic glass box, unique, 171 x 111 x 21 cm

Inv. No. ALB_576_VH
needs to be produced

location: VAN HORN | Schaulager | Düsseldorf

price: € 36.000 incl. german VAT, net price on demand
shipping, handling, possible import taxes, customs and transfer fees are not included

Photo©The Artist & VAN HORN, Düsseldorf

This is one of the rare mid-sized works from Jan Albers „wedge“ series. Those works developed from earlier interwoven works, the up-and-down of the wedges exagerating the movement of fabric during the weaving process. The works soon took off from this place and developed their own constructive language. In these works the artists works with color gradients in his own playful way. Their structural depth and intricacy suggest an entirely different reading of space that isn’t pictorial nor is it truly sculptural. Whatever the case Albers is certainly up-dating the high-relief and its traditional viewpoint.