Episode 20 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Kunstpalast Special – Dr. Natasha A. Kelly, Communication Sociologist, Author, Curator, Academic Activist, Storyteller, Afrofuturist and much more
October 2020, 47 min., Language: GermanNEW🌟VOICES ON ART Special for Kunstpalast.
It’s an enlightening talk about her personal development and her use of various media to communicate colionalism, racism and sexism. We learn how storytelling shapes thought and action – and how it can be reshaped. We talk art, science, education, feminism, racism, colionalism, patriarchy, capitalism, Black Lives Matter, Corona and the epidemic from 1918, anger, emotional intelligence and empowerment. She shares profound knowledge from the perspective of an Afro-German woman and researcher. She explains her works „Giftschrank/Poison Cabinet“, which is exhibited in „Empört Euch!/Time for Outrage!“ at Kunstpalast, sadly now closed for lockdown, and her film „Millie‘s Awakening“. She talks about Afrofuturism and her new book „The Comet – Afrofuturism 2.0“.