Episode 29 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Elizabeth Dee, Advocate, Strategist, Publisher, Writer, Advisor and co-Founder of the Independent Art Fair, NYC, March 2021, 57 Min., Language: English
My guest for this talk is Elizabeth Dee, co-Founder of the Inpependent Art Fair and Director of the John Giorno Foundation. She ran her eponymous Gallery in NYC for 18 years and founded the X Intiative, from which Independent developed. Elizabeth now sees herself in a variety of roles – a Collector, an Artist, a Curator, a Teacher, a Lecturer, a Strategist, an Advocate, an Entrepreneur, a Publisher, a Writer, an Advisor and the Director of an art fair. This is an almost one hour in depth talk about Elizabeth’s background, her upbringing and her studies at an all women’s college, her beginnings as an artist (and cellist) and the many decisions she made and the uncounted doors she went through in a more than 20 years career in the artworld. Coming from a non-privileged background she had to face some hardships and learned everything from scratch, which gave her knowledge about almost all fields of the artworld. She shares her expertise in how to run a gallery, how to develop an art fair – even under dire circumstances – and above all, her deep passion for art and artists. She is very honest and let’s us partake in her personal feelings, thoughts and experiences and thus gives us a lot to think and learn about.