Episode 33 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Joanna Kamm, Director of Liste Art Fair, Basel
Episode 33, recorded March 15, 2021, 31 min. Language: englishMy guest today is Joanna Kamm, Founder and Owner of the eponymous gallery from 2001 to 2014 in Berlin and since 2018 Director of Liste Art Fair, Basel. Joanna moved to Berlin in 1989, shortly before the wall came down. She talks about how that changed everything and that the atmosphere of „everything is possible“ opened up many opportunities for a whole generation. Joanna studied german Literature and Philosophy before she fell for art, first opening a project space before founding the gallery. She talks about the development of the gallery, that she always loved to discover artists and how her experiences as gallerist and as board member of ABC Berlin were invaluable for her current post at Director of Liste Art fair. She truly believes in humanistic values and the importance art has for Society. She gives some first hand and personal insights into the meaning galleries have for art, artists and cultural production. In the second half of the Podcast she talks about new ideas and projects for Liste, analog as well as digital, and some new and exciting plans for the upcoming fair in September 2021. Episode 33, recorded March 15, 2021, 31 min. Language: english