Episode 36 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with LaTiesha Fazakas, Gallery for Contemporary Indigenous Art, Vancouver, Canada.
This talk will be also part of the Independent Art Fair OVR in September 2021.
Recorded June 12, 2021, 47 min., Language: englishThis is a special Episode created in co-production with Independent Art Fair, NYC. LaTiesha Fazakas, founder of the eponymous gallery for indigenous art in Vancouver, Canada talks her personal story. LaTiesha talks her childhood and youth, from growing up in a working class household, quitting highschool and becoming a teenage mom, to her young adult years in which she decided to finish her education and by accident or destiny enrolled in an art history class, which ultimately changed the course of her life. After having worked for 11 years at a gallery for indigineous art, LaTiesha realized that her approach towards this art and culture is much more open and inclusive than was provided by dealers and art historians until then. LaTiesha talks in detail about one of the artists from which she learned a lot, Beau Dick (who was included in documenta 14 in Athens), how she founded her gallery in 2013 and how she set up a fluid and individual business model that suited the particular needs of all parties involved. She is convinced that art and art history will benefit greatly from including other voices, cultures and especially those skilled and evolved indigenous artists. She gives a glimpse into the future and talks her presentation at Independent in September and her plans to move to a bigger space in 2022. Listen to this enlightening and personal talk with a passionate promoter and lover of indigenous art.