Episode 37 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Susanne Zander, founder and co-owner of Delmes Zander, Cologne, Germany
This talk will also be part of the Independent Art Fair’s OVR in September 2021.
Recorded June 16, 2021, 38 min., Language: englishThis is a special Episode created in co-production with Independent Art fair, NYC. Susanne Zander, founder and co-owner – with Nicole Delmes – of Delmes Zander in Cologne talks in great detail not only about her personal story, but especially about the story of the so called „outsider artists“, whose work is often misunderstood and not appreciated fully when given labels like „self taught“, „outsider“, „naive“ or „Art Brut“. Susanne grew up with collecting parents and a strong and fearless mother, who not only funded a collection of the artists mentioned above, but also just did what she wanted to do in a time when this was even harder for women than it is now. Susanne fell in love with art and artists from an early age on and is taking the exact same approach – forward and fearless. She is a relentless supporter and agent for the special artists Delmes Zander are discovering, working with and bringing – sometimes for the first time – in front of the eyes of an audience. She runs a gallery since 30 years and talks changing times, open and closed minds and the special role the Independent Art Fair played for the gallery. In crossing over genres and labels, in expanding ideas and concepts about art and in bringing the so called „outsider artists“ into a contemporary art context, Delmes Zander hold a unique place among galleries. Listen to a passionate, opinionated and outspoken woman and gallerist.