Episode 38 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Hana Ward, artist, painter and founder of the ceramic brand Uno + Ichi, Los Angeles. Recorded June 23, 2021, 32 min., Language: englishThis is a special Episode created in co-production with Independent Art fair, NYC. Hana Ward is a painter, ceramicist and founder of the ceramic brand Uno + Ichi from Los Angeles, California. Hana talks about how growing up in an artistic household helped her finding her own way into the arts. She witnessed an educational system in the US that – in her own words – fails black students in manifold ways and through being a teacher herself – and not liking it at all – she understood that painting is what makes her happy. She talks in depth about how she finds inspiration in special books and that relating to her lineage and to the earth helps her go deeper into her painting practice, which she considers to be connected to her spiritual path. Her paintings often touch on themes of liberation, memory, history and diaspora. Through her landscape paintings, she documents focal, yet disappearing parts of her native city while her graphic portraits pay praise to unsung heroes of our collective legacy. Hana relates in a very personal and honest way what it means to find her way as an artist. Her presentation at Independent Art Fair with Mrs. gallery in NYC will be a premiere for her.