Episode 39 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Nicelle Beauchene, founder of the eponymus gallery for contemporary art, New York City. Recorded July 22, 2021, 36 min., Language: englishThis is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. My guest is Nicelle Beauchene, founder of the eponymous gallery in New York, former president of the board of NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) and co-founder, with Franklin Parrasch, of Parts & Labor in Beacon. In this talk Nicelle covers her life, from growing up in a farm town in Connecticut, becoming a competitive snowboarder, competing against men and falling in love with art through a certain painting at the Wadsworth Atheneum. Her curiosity drew her to roam broader spaces and finally pursuing a career in the arts. She tells how it was for her being a professional woman in the art business while raising three kids. She talks competition vs. collaboration, how she took adversities and disencouragement as challenge and stepping stone. She opened up her gallery while being pregnant, running a succesful art business and having a family. She relates in depth how collaboration and integrity are her core values in working with artists, other galleries, institutions and collectors. She talks passion, ambition, gut feeling and new opportunities coming up, like moving with the gallery to a new space in Tribeca and her upcoming project at Independent, where she will present new works by Louise Despont, the artist she originally opened her gallery with. Nicelle gives an enlightening insight into her relentless support for the artists she works with. Listen to a clear minded and inspirational woman who knows and does what she wants. Recorded July 22, 2021, 36 min. Language: English