Episode 40 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Karla Knight, artist and painter, Connecticut, recorded 21 July, 2031, 31 min., language englishThis is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. My guest Karla Knight, artist and painter based in Connecticut, is a force onto herself. In this Episode she talks her growing up in a family that was very interested in the otherworldly, the occult and the spiritual – which inspired Karla to dive deep into the unknown within her own paintings. From an early age on she knew who she is – an artist – never tiring to follow her own path and being utterly independent in life and art. In her paintings she developed her own imaginary language, inspired by her son’s early lettering. At this year’s Independent Art Fair she will debut her new tapestries, which are influenced by Lakota Winter counts, in a solo-presentation with Andrew Edlin Gallery. Following this will be her first institutional solo exhibition with a survey of her work at the Aldrich, opening Fall 2021.