Episode 41 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Karla Knight, artist and painter, Connecticut, recorded 21 July, 2031, 31 min., language englishThis is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. Artist and painter Maysha Mohamedi talks her background in science, the similiarities between science and art – and the differences. She gives a very clear analysis what it means for her to be an artist, her need to express herself in her paintings, how she wants to create believable marks and lines and that she needs to have a large percentage of her life to herself in her studio, which is a world where she can think and do anything. She talks her desire to become exceptional at something, to be an expert and sees artists in line with highly trained, specialized athletes, who need to concentrate on one special skill to be able to be exceptional. She talks her first experiences with art through seeing an exhibition of paintings by her mother, her life in the studio and at home with her kids and husband and relates her own painting process, using found or created tools and bodyparts to create marks that make up her energetic, large-scale abstractions. At the Independent Art Fair franklin parrasch gallery / parrasch heijnen will present an intergenerational show of her paintings in juxtaposition with a work by John Wesley, who is one of her favourite artists and on whom she completed her graduate dissertation.