Episode 42 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Vito Schnabel, gallerist, art dealer, curator
recorded August 10, 2021, 33 min., language english.This is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. Vito Schnabel, art dealer, gallerist and curator, with gallery branches in New York City and St. Moritz, talks his early years and young adulthood, playing Basketball on the streets of New York City and visiting art exhibitions. He talks his insecurities and challenges and how those helped him to grow. He shares how the dialogue with his sister Lola, who is an artist, and her artist friends shaped his own understanding of art and highlights how important the support of his mother and her belief in him was. He relates how him being open, listening intently and evaluating what happened around him helped him finding his own language in the arts. Early on he started curating and met important artists like Ron Gorchov or the great René Ricard who became friends and mentors and whose expertise and wisdom he was soaking up and valued greatly. Vito talks friendship, his passion for painting and their capacity to be portals also in the 21st Century for anybody who wants to see. This years Independent Art Fair will be the first fair Vito is attending in his home town. There he will show new paintings by extraordinary painter Jorge Galindo in a solo-presentation.