Episode 46 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Work beyond words – JULIETA ARANDA, artist, filmmaker, co-Director of e-Flux.
Recorded November 4, 2021, 36 min., Language englishJulieta Aranda, Berlin based artist and filmmaker is since many years contributor, co-director and collaborator with Anton Vidokle of the online platform e-flux. She is also organizing this years conversations for Art Basel. Julieta has exhibited her works internationally including the Venice Biennial, Berlin Biennial, documenta, the Guggenheim etc. She talks her background, growing up in Mexico and leaving home at fourteen, paving a path on her own. She talks her artistic process, how she took up the task to look at the dark side of things, the hidden underbelly of society, themes and movements and that she only feels drawn to create a work of art when language fails her to understand the topic – when it is beyond words. Every work of art requires a different medium, a different strategy to be created and Julieta listens intently to each work to find the right means to bring it into the world. If not creating works of art she writes, communicates with people, brings them together and tries to find ways to collaborate and make the life of each person easier. You will find many interviews, videos and information on Julieta online. Follow our Instagram @van_horn_duesseldorf or @voicesonart The Podcast is vailable on https://van-horn.net, Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many other platforms. Portrait photo by Peyton Fulford.