Episode 48 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Paintings with body – MEG LIPKE, artist, Brooklyn
Recorded November 17, 2021, 39 min., Language: english.

On her birthday Brooklyn based artist Meg Lipke took the time to talk in depth about her early influences, her family, her art and the body in all meanings and possible expressions. She finds her inspirations in art history, other artists, but also in the women of her own family, which once owned a textile mill. Her grandmother, mother and aunt expressed themselves – their grief and joy – through creating art and craft with textiles and yarn. Meg is deeply interested in bodily experiences, the perceptions of the female body, the need to inhabit and embrace our bodies wholly and consciously to be fully alive and especially the body of painting, which she explores since many years. Meg found her own way in painting by leaving the flat plane of the canvas, creating stuffed, bulgy, organic forms that carry paint and color and give the impression of each having it’s own individual personality. As a painter Meg is obsessed with art history, with iconography and with the way how through pigment and surface stories can be created that are about our humanity – and our bodies.

Here more information about Meg:
Instagram: @meglipke