Episode 52 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Bringing people together | KATHLEEN RAHN, Director Marta Herford
Recorded January 25, 2022, 39 min., Language english.
Portrait photo by Birgit Streicher, Kunstverein Hannover 2020

In February 2022 Kathleen Rahn, former Director of Kunstverein Hannover, takes on her new post as Director of the Museum Marta Herford. In our conversation Kathleen talks her background, coming from a family with deep interest in music and being taken to exhibitions early on in her life. Kathleen talks the different stages of her career in the arts, how important it was to meet artists during her studies in Kassel, what she learned from them and how she applies these learnings even to her exhibition making today. During her years as Curator and Director she regularly moved to different places, each place needing an adjusted approach to address cultural, architectural, geographical differences and also differences in mentality. She reflects on what is needed to run an art institution today to build a fruitful future and how important it is to include everybody involved – the artists, the team at the Museum and the regional as well as the international public and to still make space to having a private life and a family. Kathleen is deeply interested in communication and wants to bring people together.

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The new Museum Kathleen will be heading from today on
The past seven years she was Director here

Some earlier places