Episode 53 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Following images | JENNIFER BOLANDE, artist and professor, Los Angeles
Recorded March 6, 2022, 37 min., language english

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. Jennifer Bolande, Los Angeles based artist and Professor of new genres at the art department of the UCLA will present an overview of her works with Magenta plains. Jennifer talks in depth about her work –
covering the span of more than 30 years. Jennifer started with dance and movement and discovered at some point that she wants to incorporate movement in her work through stillness. She talks about the embodiment of photography, about perception, creating a language through art, moving in space and creating new perspectives. She talks how her own vulnerability opens up unkown spaces and that the role of artists may be to explore unknown territories and that artists locate or expose a kind of truth. In times of crisis the voice of artists might be more important than ever. Recorded March 6, 2022, 37 min., language english

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