Episode 55 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Messenger of art | FRANK MARESCA, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York City
Recorded March 11, 2022, 43 min., language english

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. Frank Maresca, co-founder of Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York City started his career as a professional photographer, he now is a collector, a scholar, an educator and dealer. He talks the different stages of his life and career and the insights he gathered on the way. From an early age on he was fascinated by art and artefacts – and the stories they relate. He talks his passion for australian indigenous and oceanic art and why this art, that exists outside of the academia, transports him and shakes him to his deepest core. He talks about the importance of education, of storytelling and the role of the gallerist as mediator, guide and messenger. Frank talks in depth about the late Paddy Bedford, one of the most important australian indigenous artists, whose works Ricco/Maresca will present for the first time in the US at the Independent as well as in an exhibition at Ricco/Maresca Gallery. Frank is a wonderful storyteller himself, having the urge and the capacity to pass his profound knowledge on to a new generation, keeping the stories going in a continous stream from the past, through the present to the future.

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Ricco Maresca

Interview with Frank Maresca

Frank Maresca

Paddy Bedford

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