Episode 57 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Back to the future | NICK OLNEY, Director, Kasmin Gallery, New York City
Recorded March 14, 2022, 36 min., language english

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. A conversation with Nick Olney, Director of Kasmin Gallery, founded by the late Paul Kasmin in 1989 in Soho, with at present four locations in Chelsea and since Paul Kasmin’s death in 2020 lead by a team of dedicated people into the future. Nick talks his life, his career and the past, present and future of Kasmin Gallery. Coming from a family deeply interested in culture, he first chose a scholarly path studying anthropology and philosophy. His thesis encompassed human culture, human perception – really what humankind is made of in a very broad way, with a focus on the times of cultural upheavals and fundamental shifts of paradigms – like our current times. His first job was to handle art at Bergruen Gallery and he soon discovered his love for being a gallerist and how the manifold skills he developed over the years equipped him perfectly to work in that field. He talks why gallery work is so exciting and satisfying and how important a new storytelling is for the field of culture as well as for the world in general. He also talks the importance of art fairs, not only as commercial venues, but also as places of exchange and dialogue. He dips into the history of Kasmin Gallery and his founder Paul Kasmin and relates how working with Paul was then and how it is without him now. The team at Kasmin dedicates themselves to developing the vision for the gallery from the past into the future, staying true to the gallery’s identity and still keeping it’s programm fresh and alive. Nick gives an insight into artist vanessa german’s work, who Kasmin will present at this years Independent in a solo show. Nick is a comprehensively educated man and it is exciting to follow his thoughts about our times, humanity, galleries and art and artists.


Independent New York