Episode 60 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / A Gentil Carioca | MARCIO BOTNER, gallerist and artist, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo
Recorded March 16, 2022, 32 min., Language english.

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. My guest today is Marcio Botner, gallerist, artist and co-founder – together with artist collegues Ernesto Neto and Laura Lima – of
A Gentil Carioca, since 2003 Rio de Janeiro based gallery which recently opened a branch in Sao Paulo. A Gentil Carioca is a unique intitiative in Brasil.
Marcio talks the the special spirit of an artist founded gallery and the initial impulse that made them embark on such an enterprise. From it’s beginning on the gallery initiated community projects and Marcio talks the importance of community, dedication and location. He thinks the more people from different cultures and backgrounds mix, the more ideas are exchanged and discussions stimulated, the better we will understand each other and ultimately create a better life together. Marcio gives a brief insight into the projects of the past 20 years, how the gallery developed new concepts in the past two years and how they will continue to do so. A Gentil Carioca is an influential cultural hub in Brazil, an important part of the brazilian cultural scene as well as participant in the greater global art world. Marcio talks in depth the importance of art fairs for the gallery. To him fairs are more than commercial market places, they enable people to meet and mingle, to exchange ideas and collaborate in creating new art and cultural projects together and also to bring brazilian artists abroad and new ideas back. Marcio talks the importance of continuity, independence, liberty and love for what you do to create a great gallery. He believes that art can open up our perspective on life, bring people together in different ways and ultimately change our way of living.
At Independent A Gentil Carioca will present in a debut exhibition works by brazilian based artist Vinicius Gerheim.


Instagram: @agentilcarioca

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