Episode 65 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Expo Chicago | TONY KARMAN | President and Founder
Recorded between Chicago and the Island of Sylt on 17 July, 2022, 40 min., language english.

How to build, sustain and develop an Enterprise with integrity? Tony Karman, founder and president of Expo Chicago, Chicago’s art fair, talks in a personal and open way about the importance art fairs have within the eco system of the art world as well as for the civic society of a city. Tony talks his special relation to Chicago, his commitment to the city, the art fair and the participating galleries and artists and why Expo Chicago is the ideal canvas for him to realize artistic as well as civic visions in a diverse and inclusive way.
Tony Karman is since many years an influential contributor to the Chicago art world. He has been active in the civic, business and cultural communities of Chicago for almost 40 years.

Expo Chicago

„Even in better times, the simple act of collaboration is the bedrock of success“. Quote from an interview with MCW projects
The book I mentioned in the talk and which I highly recommend is by Author Rutger Bregman „Humankind – a hopeful history“