Episode 73 / HARLESDEN HIGH STREET | Jonny Tanna & Linda Mognato, London, UK | Independent Special 2023
42 min., recorded February 21, 2023

On the occasion of this years‘ Independent Art fair in New York City I’m speaking to Jonny Tanna and Linda Mognato. Jonny is a creative director at Harlesden High Street in London, which is a BIPOC experimental space that has an art programme as well as a public one and challenges questions of gender, race, wealth, class and generation. Linda is an art researcher and curator who is Gallery manager at Harlesden High Street and an integral part of the team.

Jonny and Linda speak each about their background in the UK resp. Italy, the different phases in their lives being an artist/film maker and an art researcher/curator, how they met and what is special and unique about Harlesden High Street.

The pair discusses the important issue of class and it’s correlation to having access to arts and culture experiences. They cherish diversity and open their doors for all kinds of different people, so they chose an unusual location to house the gallery/project space in London. They talk about the need of letting go of one‘s ego and enncourage others to shine within the art world. For Jonny and Linda galleries should be givers and enable the diverse talents and experiences of artists audiences. Quote: „Harlesden High Street was founded with the mission of facilitating access between experimental/outsider artists and the traditional gallery system. We host several spaces across London exhibiting contemporary art by local and international artists, centering work by people of colour. In addition to our exhibition venues, we host a cultural outreach programme with an aim to reach audiences in ungentrified neighborhoods who might be less likely to engage with typical gallery programming. Our main space in Harlesden proudly only hosts people of colour in our programme, external and offsite spaces hosts an experimental programme transcending borders.“ This Episode is produced in cooperation with Independent Art Fair, New York City and will be part of the fairs OVR for it’s upcoming 2023 edition. 42 min., recorded February 21, 2023.