Episode 76 / ANGELO LOVELL WILLIAMS | artist, Brooklyn, NY | Independent Special 2023
This Episode is produced in cooperation with Independent Art Fair, New York City and will be part of the fairs OVR for it’s upcoming 2023 edition. Recorded February 27, 2023, 45 min.

On the occasion of this years‘ Independent Art fair I’m speaking with D’Angelo Lovell Williams (b. 1992, Jackson, Mississippi) who is a Black, HIV-positive artist expanding narratives of Black and queer intimacy through photography. D’Angelo will have a presentation with Higher Pictures Generation at the Independent. We talk their upbringing in Jackson, Missisippi, their early love for images and objects and how the path lead through years of art courses to Art School and creating work as artist and photographer. They discuss being black and queer and how the representation of black, queer and non-mainstream bodies in mainstream visual culture is lacking. They identify as non-binary, they don’t want to be identified as male ore female as they feel these terms are limiting, creating prejudices and expectations of male and female roles and make only sense for animals in a biological way. D’Angelo creates images they themselves want to see – being aware they might not be for everybody. Images that speak of family, history, black men, love, sex, softness, tenderness, beauty and maybe sometimes sadness or pain.