Episode 77 / TARA DOWNS | Gallerist NYC | Independent Special 2023
This Episode is produced in cooperation with Independent Art Fair, New York City and will be part of the fairs OVR for it’s upcoming 2023 edition. Recorded March 7, 2023, 33 min.

On the occasion of this years‘ Independent Art fair I’m speaking with Tara Downs, who has been working as a gallerist in different cities and developed her own approach through many phases and stages. Tara talks her passion of working in the artworld, the benefits and the downfalls, her philosophy on team building, excellence, embracing challenges and being invigorated by change. She states that her gallery is much bigger than her – the team, the artists and collectors being part of a greater whole. At the Independent Tara Downs will show four women artists dealing with sexuality, pornography and feminism, opening up spaces for discourse and dispute.