Episode 78 / NINA JOHNSON | Gallerist, Miami, FL | Independent Special 2023
38 min., recorded March 8, 2023, Portrait photo by Gesi Schilling

My guest for this special Independent art fair Episode is Nina Johnson, who runs her eponymous gallery in Miami since more than 15 years. Nina was born into a family of business owners on the maternal side, dealing being a part of her DNA. As a child she developed a deep interest in the history and charging of objects and the stories that could be told through them. She decided to become an art dealer and knew, to excell in that field, she needed a deeper understanding of the way artists make work. From her teenage years on she learned and worked at galleries, while through studying art she got the deep knowledge she desired. Nina discusses the importance of personal, long lasting relationships and her dedication to find "her people". For her, place and space of a gallery have to be interrelated and match the hosting City and it's local indvidual characteristics – Nature, Architecture, Neighborhood. She shares her take on art fairs and explores her special admiration for the Independent, where she will show a solo-presentation by artist Rob Davis.



Founded by Nina Johnson in 2007, the eponymous Nina Johnson gallery is both a pillar of Miami’s contemporary art community and an internationally recognized art space known for its eclectic and intuitive program. The gallery has produced renowned exhibitions by a diverse range of emerging and established artists from around the world, including Judy Chicago, Awol Erizku, Rochelle Feinstein, Derek Fordjour, Emmett Moore, Woody De Othello, and Katie Stout. Nina Johnson is dedicated to the discovery of hidden pockets of talent and divergence in the art world, priding itself on artist-driven relationships that center on authenticity and variety.