Episode 79 / SUSAN INGLETT / DAVID PLATZKER | Gallerist / President of Specific Object, NYC | Independent Special 2023
37 min., recorded April 5, 2023 Susan Inglett portrait by Grace Roselli, Pandora's BoxX Project David Platzker portrait by Martin Seck

My guests for this special Independent art fair episode are Susan Inglett, founder of the eponymous gallery, since 1994 in New York and David Platzker, an expert in artists' books and related ephemera. Susan Inglett Gallery provides representation for a range of artists, emerging to established, working across media and develops a program of surprising juxtapositions. David Platzker is President of Specific Object, a gallery, bookstore and think-tank dedicated to art post 1959, archiving and selling a range of items from art to counterculture. From 2013 to 2018 David was Curator of Drawings and Prints at the Museum of Modern Art. Susan and David will have a joint presentation with artists Yayoi Kusama, Lynda Benglis and Beverly Semmes at this years Independent. Susan and David lead us through an exciting, in depth story about the New York art world of the 1960s and 70s. The talk covers artists projects in pornographic publications, explores their backgrounds, discusses feminist liberation vs. the male gaze and reveals what we can learn through those analog ways of communication in our digital age. David talks the (acclaimed) artists he met on the way, which were engaged with those special publications and covers the joint booth with Susan Inglett at the Independent, highlighting three feminist artists from different generations, addressing nudity and porn, reclaiming sexuality. Susan shares insights about her path as a gallerist and the special work gallery artist Beverly Semmes will contribute to their three artists booth.