Episode 82 / MARINA FAUST | artist, photographer | Vienna
The talk was recorded September 19, 2023. 45 min., language english

Marina Faust is an always curious, open minded, experimental, self-taught artist and photographer. Raised in Vienna in an culturally interested household, she left her hometown following love and art, living in New York City, Italy and Paris. She often was at the right time at the right place, walking into the right situations and meeting the right people. Her openness and sensitivity led her through open doors and gave her a career start as press, documentary and interior photographer. Her skills and curiosity made her the main photographer for Martin Margiela for almost 20 years. Through the years she developed her unique approach to art making and photo printing, exhibiting in galleries and institutions worldwide. Recently she had an extensive exhibition at the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg and Gallery Xippas in Paris, which is up right now.