Episode 84 / TOBIAS ZIELONY | artist, photographer, filmmaker | between darkness and light
This Episode was recorded on 29 November, 2023 and published on 2 January 2024. 44 min, language english.
Portrait photo by Halina Kliem.

A very happy new year and welcome to the first episode of 2024, which at the same time is the last episode of 2023, as it was recorded November 29, 2023. My guest Tobias Zielony is an artist, photographer, filmmaker, writer and Professor at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. Tobias relates his background and upbringing in the former industrial area of the Ruhrgebiet, the inheriting of his first camera from his older brother and the different stations of his studies – from his beginnings at one of the best schools for documentary photography in Wales in the UK to studying with Timm Rautert at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. Tobias talks his approach towards his artistic projects, building trust with his protagonists and the way he conducts his research. He addresses the small – and big – changes that happened within the media of photography and image making itself during the last decades and reflects this framework and his working within it from the 1990ies to the present day and beyond.