Episode 85 / KOEN DELAERE | artist, painter, teacher | a bodily experience
Recorded January 10, 2024, 43 min., language english

Koen Delaere, b. 1970 Brugges, Belgium is an artist, painter and professor. He lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands.
For Delaere the body, it‘s unique expressions and sensitivities, the conditions under which it creates etc. are crucial in creating his bold material paintings.
Koen talks his childhood, being a kind of outsider, his need to create and invent from an early age on and his artistic roots in the world of music and punk.
His paintings are made from a realm of physical experience, of direct contact with and reactions on the nature of specific materials (like paint) and an almost performative element of execution.
His exhibition „Just Kids“, with Elisabeth Vary, is on view at VAN HORN, Düsseldorf through March 9, 2024.

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