12 Mai – 30 Juni 2007

Jan Albers works in a state of suspension between reality and fantasy, between figuration and abstraction. The exploding coloured lines that characterize his drawings reveal the intensity of his artistic research. The clear colours and sharp lines drawn with geometric precision hide, rather than show, the figures he draws, favouring an abstract reading of the works. A closer analysis reveals the portrait-like nature of the works.

The title of the exhibition “Sonnenlicht” (English: “sunlight”) names the vital energy apparent in the works and refers to the chalk drawing covering the walls, which fills the entire gallery with its rays. Starting from the paper works, the wall drawing spreads like an echo over the space and transforms the gallery into an obscure cult space. Christian associations mix with Aztec sun worship and children’s book illustrations.

The source of his works is difficult to decipher. It ranges from depictions of Christ to hippie clichés, from bearded woodcutter types to Genghis Khan and Tom Selleck. Famous characters alternate with figures that belong to the artist’s private or imaginary sphere. In powerful drawings they are quoted non-hierarchically, mixed, and changed with great attention to detail in a brilliant chromatic synthesis.

Jan Albers *1971, lives and works in Duesseldorf. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and institutions including Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York; Konrad Fischer Gallery, Düsseldorf; CAM, Chelsea Art Museum, New York; Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen; Museum Baden, Solingen; Galerie Tanit, Munich; Jablonka Gallery, Cologne; Palazzo delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena and many more. In 2006 Albers received a Pollock Krasner Foundation Award.