November 19, 2005 – January 14, 2006

Over the past three years the work of Vanessa Conte has focused on the use of objects to fulfill fantasies of the unknown or unanswerable. The works in this exhibition, from 2004 and 2005, continue this physical and imaginary exploration using only drawing. Drawing for Conte is a process of walking through a memory or tearing away at an object, in the same way that a narrative unfolds minute by minute or page by page.

The subjects of the works in these series relate to the body, referring to anatomy and physical processes like breathing and sleeping. Each drawing responds to memories or the remembered forms of previously seen or lost objects. Many studies or sketches are made of the same object or memory over many days,building memory upon memory to record Conte‘s changing responses to a sensation or image.

Vanessa Conte*1977 in Tarrytown, NY, USA lives and works in Duesseldorf, Germany. She studied at UCLA in Los Angeles and received her MFA in 2004 . The exhibition at VAN HORN is her first solo-show.