November 16, 2007 – January 11, 2008

After his special projects at Liste 07 Basel and Art Forum Berlin, Markus Karstiess work is now to be seen in his first solo-exhibition at Van Horn, Dusseldorf. His ceramic sculptures range between minimal and maximal, expand themselves into protruding baroque forms or are compressed into bony desert-skeletons. They are always related to their own special space and, in a subtle way, to the artist’s body. His new work is about the origin of form or the artefakt, about the fragile moment in which something proceeds from matter to form. This primitive state, developed from his own body, inspires associations of physical and mental conditions and materialises itself in Rorschach-sculptures, puddles, vales, islands, skins….Maybe we are in a laboratory, samples are being collected and archived, a crystal in the space seems to grow ad infinitum. Karstieß refers in “La Specola” to a museum in an observatory, science fiction architectures and the physical relation of man to his origins from stardust and takes those as starting point for an installation growing out of the ground and sky.

Markus Karstieß *1971, lives and works in Solingen and Dusseldorf