8 MARCH – 19 APRIL 2014

We are very pleased to present the exceptional neon light glass sculptures by Sigune Siévi in her first solo exhibition. Chambre d´amour, that is the moment, when twilight enters the room and the electric light is turned off. In the twilight particularly, her works unfold an impressive luminosity. It´s about the transition between daylight and artificial light. “The moment when light changes”, as the artist says.

Her sculptures consist of lacquered wood with integrated fluorescent glass objects. In her videos “Night” and “Technischer Roman”, the objects are set in landscapes or rooms, starting to illuminate the environment at dusk. The neon light affects the viewing of the sculptures by creating inherent shadows and light space. Unlike her mirror objects, where an additional dialogue between space and the observer and new spatial levels are being created when the neon lights of the sculptures overlap visually.

Sigune Siévi studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and ist master student of Bernd Becher. She lives and works in Berlin.