31 MAR.
17 MAY 2023

We’re delighted to show the first solo-exhibition by Anys Reimann at VAN HORN.
Reimann creates a unique relationship between medium and materiality that invites a physical experience of her works. Her sculpture-collages are bodies formed from material, faces from paper, from leather, painted with oil and acrylic. It is a process of exhaling, of allowing oneself to move out of the frame ascribed from the outside, a concession given to oneself to expand, to grow. Viewing and encountering the works of Anys Reimann is a somatic, sensual and multi-dimensional experience.1

BLAXPLORATION are personal views, other narratives and enriching perspectives of a female existence with a sensuous ironic look. It is multiple kaleidoscopic narratives – today’s world, sagas, history, society – that are sustainably interwoven and inscribed in our memory and contemporary events, manifested in form and presence.

BLAXPLORATION is a rejection of stereotypical attributions and explores an exciting new personification with depth and wit, with knowledge and curiosity. With an origin defined by individuality, not discussed but asserted. Viewing culture and history not from limited perception, but unquestioningly, „the gap“, allembracing human, closing: MOIRA ( the lot, the fate..). The three fate goddesses, whether they are called in germanic ‚Norns‘, in latin ‚Parzen‘ or in greek ‚Moiren‘, spin the life thread of each human, and are in their presentation according to the respective time.

BLAXPLORATION is embodiment and womanhood through deconstruction. Collage, painting and sculpture recreate this woman and the black body from „what was“ and „is“ – a journey of discovery into a afropean history.

„Through my eyes, I look into other eyes and let see what has been made invisible and told differently, but has always been there.“

Is THE DEATH AND THE GIRL „universal“ or is LOVERS GUM just fun for a few ?<
BLAXPLORATION is an invitation to explore with ones own eyes what it means to be more.2

1 Excerpt from a text by Clara Stratmann for VAN HORN 2022 | 2 Text by Anys Reimann