March 1 – April 6, 2013

We are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Sabrina Fritsch at VAN HORN.

The geometrical window vistas in Sabrina Fritsch’s new works enable a view onto an indefinite space, which subtly attracts us and simultaneously prompts questions about what exactly is depicted on the image area. Are we situated inside or outside the room – or are we located in some sort of “interspace”? Through her open and, nevertheless, precise approach towards spatial structures, the artist conducts us into an active process of seeing and experiencing.

Layered coatings of paint, which are elaborately applied and then again abraded and flattened, define the the delicately nuanced image structure of her window vistas. Thereupon, Fritsch arranges geometrical signs, that are reminiscent of (window) frames consisting of shutter like, finely reticulated crossbars; through which we can vaguely see what’s taking place on the other side. In some paintings she adds large, succulent shapes, which resemble the leaves of an indoor plant.

The window paintings unify Fritsch’s interest in colour fields, materiality and structure. She moves along the edge of abstraction and figuration, between level expanse and potential depth perception and interlinks the alleged divergent positions. The very essence of her works is the involvement of painting in combination with the beholder’s active view, which the artist very pointedly and sensitively implements.